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About Us

Who we are?

The Institute of Analysis and Advocacy conducts research to help authorities make effective decisions in the formulation and implementation of policies and obtain sustainable results.


100% rational decisions.


Create tools and approaches that help make rational decisions.



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Study of the practice of reconstruction of the country after the destruction: Great Britain

The Second World War took 25% of the national wealth from Great Britain, the lives of about 384,000 military personnel and 70,0...


Areas of activity


Policy and data analytics

We conduct research in the field of international financing, recovery and reconstruction practices with the aim of effective re...


Advocacy is a tool of democratic transformation

We implement solutions in the fields of international financing and cross-border data exchange

Resource center

Solutions that help to develop

We create and implement educational and digital products that help society, the state and business develop.


Annual Reports

Annual report for 2021

Implemented initiatives, carried out research, events and consultations, results of media and finance work

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