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To create tools and approaches that help make rational decisions.

We are a think tank working on civil society development, policy and data analysis, development and implementation of innovative digital solutions.



In 2021, the IAA team took part in more than 60 events, including as speakers at international and high-level events. We started cooperation with 4 new donor organizations, started the development of the IAA strategy for 2022-2024, and the executive director of the IAA – Yuriy Romashko – became a participant in the global “Generation 17” initiative.

We developed a regulatory framework for the transition to the electronic form of the consignment note and created a project web portal.

We conducted an analytical study and determined the needs of Poltava residents in digital services and access to information on the web resources of the city government. We advocated the adoption of a strategy for the development of the digital infrastructure of the city of Poltava.

A universal tool for assessing the transparency of the use of funds that countries have received to fight against COVID-19 has been developed and piloted.

Conducted a unique study on opioid analgesia.

We created original educational products based on the practical experience of the IAA.


2020 was a year of new challenges – the COVID-19 pandemic made its adjustments. Despite everything, the IAA continued to develop its activities.

We became one of the founders of an international consortium of non-governmental organizations: Ukraine (IAA), Kazakhstan (Zertteu Research Institute), Kyrgyzstan (Kloop Media), Moldova (The Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS), Tajikistan (Jahon).

This year, the IAA team developed and implemented the e-Poltava information system.

1,237 recommendations of the Accounting Chamber were analyzed, and an interactive visualization was created based on the research results.

We created a register of declaration of changes in retail prices for socially significant goods and developed a public dashboard for it. And in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Digitization, we started a pilot project on the introduction of an electronic consignment note (e-consignment note).

We also held 9 training events and provided more than 130 remote consultations for NGOs in the EECA region, held 27 events, and participated in 50 conferences.


In 2019, the IAA became a full-fledged player in the international arena. For the second year in a row, IAA was included in the TOP-100 rating of the best think tanks in the world “Global Go to Think Tank Index Report” in the category “Best think tanks of Central and Eastern Europe”.

IAA, as a member of the strategic working group at the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, contributed to the successful implementation of the second stage of the plan for the transition period from donor to budget financing of services in the field of HIV and the beginning of the third stage.

Understanding the need for digital transformation, we started to implement the “Poltava – smart city” information ecosystem.

Together with International Renaissance Foundation, ICF “Alliance of Public Health” and CO “100% LIFE” held 3 Budget Advocacy Schools.

Conducted more than 50 consultations for regional NGOs, 4 trainings, 4 internships. Researched the use of administrative resources in the election process – created an online platform, created 184 cases, held 11 events for 300 listeners.


In 2018, the Institute of Analysis and Advocacy focused its activities on the following areas: analytics, advocacy and consulting.

Together with International Renaissance Foundation, CO “100% Life” and CO “Light of Hope” held 7 Budget Advocacy Schools for 120 representatives of NGOs of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

We supported the development of the ProZorro system in the Poltava region – held about 500 consultations, 12 seminars and 2 webinars for representatives of the authorities, businesses, NGOs and mass media. Also, the IAA team supported 22 organizations in the analysis of public procurements, adding the Dozorro price module – more than 41,000 items of the cost of medicines were uploaded.

The Institute of Analysis and Advocacy received the highest result in the “Transparify” rating of openness of think tanks – 5 stars, and was also included in the Global Go To Think Tank Index 2018 global rating of think tanks, taking 91st place among the best European “think tanks”.

In 2018, the organization prepared 31 analytical products, conducted 25 trainings for 250 participants, implemented 14 projects.


In 2017, the IAA team conducted work in the following areas: openness and transparency, social accountability and independent media.

The Budget Advocacy School was founded jointly with the CO “Light of Hope”, the International Renaissance Foundation, and the All-Ukrainian Network of PLHIV.

The IAA team also created the DoZorro pricing module and uploaded more than 10,000 drug cost items. In order to support the ProZorro system in the Poltava region, more than 600 consultations and 31 seminars were held for representatives of the authorities, businesses, NGOs and mass media.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the policy of accountable activities of charitable funds operating at medical institutions was introduced.

During the year, the organization implemented 16 projects, created 40 analytical products and conducted more than 50 trainings for 1350 participants.


In 2016, IAA focused its activities in three strategic directions: anti-corruption, social accountability, and development of independent media.

Contributed to the full implementation of the ProZorro system in the Poltava region.

We created and transferred to the administration of 2 web resources: “Access to medicines” (increasing transparency in the use of medicines purchased with budget funds in the Poltava region) and “Building Transparency” (increasing transparency and control over the use of budget funds in the construction sector in Poltava region).

Expanded the network of independent Internet media – created an Internet media in Sumy “Tribune.Sumy”.

In 2016, the IAA team prepared 38 analytical products, held 25 trainings and lectures, implementing 16 projects.

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We conduct and disseminate research to help authorities make effective decisions in policy formulation and implementation. For almost 10 years, the professionalism of our team and the support of our partners have helped us achieve results.

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