When will uniforms become mandatory?

Mariia Mygal

The Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine plans to make the use of an e-consignment note mandatory for all road freight transport starting from 1 August 2023.

The innovation applies not only to goods of the general group, but also to goods of special groups, namely:

📌 alcohol

📌 milk

📌 bread

📌 high-octane oxygen impurities

📌forest and oil products.

The process of switching to electronic document management for special groups is somewhat different from the general group of goods, as special forms have already been partially digitised by other ministries or agencies, so they need to be integrated into the e-consignment note system.

Thus, the Ministry explains that, for example, businesses operating in the production of alcohol and alcoholic beverages already have their own register. Accordingly, the options for integrating the existing register into the e-consignment note system are currently being agreed upon.

Thus, companies involved in freight transport can already begin the transition to the electronic waybill.

The list of EDI providers is available at 👉 https://e-ttn.miu.gov.ua/provider/

The e-consignment note system is being implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and USAID/UK aid of the TAPAS Project/Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services, with the participation of the NGO “Institute of Analysis and Advocacy”, which is the administrator of the e-consignment note system for the period of the project.

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