“Re:Ukraine project”: a competition for mini-grants for Ukrainian CSOs

Mariia Mygal

On January 25, 2023, the NGO “Institute for Analysis and Advocacy” announces the call for applications for participation in the mini-grant competition within the project “Re:silence. Re:covery. Re:construction. (Re:Ukraine project)”, implemented by the NGO “Institute for Analysis and Advocacy” in cooperation with Transparency International Ukraine, Vox Ukraine and the Ukrainian Development Foundation with the financial support of the European Union.  

The project aims to increase the resilience of Ukrainian society to Russian aggression, including information aggression, assess the damage incurred due to a full-scale invasion, and prepare civil society institutions for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

More information about the Re:Ukraine project and its activities is available here.

About the mini-grant competition

Mini-grant amount: 5 mini-grants of up to EUR 3,000 each will be awarded within the competition. Applicants must submit a project proposal budget in EUR.

Period of implementation of mini-grants: March 01 – June 15, 2023. The recommended implementation period is no more than 3 months. Regardless of the start date, the proposed program activities must be completed by June 15, 2023.

Subgrants are provided for the purpose of: 

(1) Raising public awareness of CSOs’ activities under martial law (such as assessing and recording material damage incurred and preparing a documentary base for future compensation; monitoring procurement, analyzing budgets, working to identify disinformation and propaganda – with a focus on local/niche media, social networks and channels, analyzing the situation of SMEs, recommendations for improving their situation, etc;  

(2) building the capacity of communities and addressing their specific tasks and challenges (work on community budgeting, integration of IDPs into community life, identification and analysis of key challenges faced by IDPs in communities, acquisition of practical skills, analysis of critical community challenges and development of plans (recommendations) to overcome them, regional recovery plans (challenges in terms of formation, coordination, implementation, financing, etc.), recovery opportunities);  

Types of activities that can be financially supported by a mini-grant:

  • Media services/consulting in the field of media and countering disinformation;
  • Analytical, information and consulting services for communities, individual groups of people or businesses;
  • Analytical work on monitoring public procurement, budget execution, monitoring and documenting losses, etc;
  • Psychological and/or professional counseling services;
  • Other activities, if they meet the priority goals of the project.

Eligibility criteria for reviewing grant proposals of the contest participants:

  • A non-governmental (public, charitable) organization officially registered in Ukraine and having a non-profit status in accordance with the procedure established by law;
  • A duly completed grant proposal in accordance with the application and budget forms (attached below), submitted within the time and in the manner prescribed by this announcement (compliance with the qualification criteria);
  • Local CSOs/CSOs must have a team of at least 3 members that meets the requirements set out in the sub-grant conditions;
  • Experience in the required field and internal controls in place to manage subgrant funds. This includes financial management/manager and bank account.

The participation of regional and small but competent organizations is encouraged to support the achievement of project goals and the development of CSOs in Ukraine.

Within the framework of this competition, the Institute for Analysis and Advocacy will not provide mini-grants to commercial organizations, political parties, governmental institutions, or individuals. 

To select the most appropriate and effective subgrant, we will evaluate all proposals received in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, and fairness. The received proposals for mini-grants may be subject to additional approval by the representatives of the development partner funding the project. The results of the selection will be published by the project team and communicated to the winners personally. 

Submission procedure

Project proposals with attachments should be submitted electronically to mail@iaa.org.ua no later than February 12, 2023. The subject line of the email should read: “Application “name of your organization” for the mini-grant competition”.

The deadline for submitting applications is February 12, 2023 by 20.00 Kyiv time. The project proposal should be filled in and submitted in Ukrainian.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact mail@iaa.org.ua or patoka@iaa.org.ua.  


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