Theory of big changes: module #1

Mariia Mygal

We have conducted the introductory module of our pilot authoring interactive course. Students have already started to get acquainted with the Theory of Big Change 😉.

Thanks to a special approach and unique group tasks, students not only gained theoretical knowledge, but also were able to test it in practice, draw parallels with the current political situation in the country, and realise the importance of politics, as well as the participants:

📙 understood the concept of a political system, talked about its subsystems and learnt to distinguish between them;

📙 identified the characteristics of a political party, what it should be and what it should rely on;

📙 identified types of party systems and their characteristics;

📙learned the difference between the ruling coalition and the opposition, between the “left” and the “right”.

There are four more modules to go, so we are looking forward to the next lesson💪.

The programme is prepared and implemented with the support of the German Marshall Fund for Regional Cooperation.

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