Theory of big changes: module #2

Mariia Mygal

Students of our author’s course “Theory of Big Change” have already completed the second module💪.

During the second module, Olena Dmytrenko and Iryna Domnenko focused on discussions.

A special feature of the class was the debate around the thesis: “Free access to information and media and the Internet have a positive impact on the development of a democratic regime in societies”.

The teams had to build a logic and argumentation for their speech, respond promptly to the opponent’s arguments and manage to keep within the time allocated for the speech.

Even the excitement did not prevent our participants from coping with the task brilliantly.

The next module will focus on constitutional rights. We are already looking forward to the next lesson, which will be held with the participation of a guest speaker.

The programme is prepared and implemented with the support of the German Marshall Fund for Regional Cooperation.

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