A year of full-scale invasion: IAA`s results

Mariia Mygal

On February 23, 2022, we finalized the security protocol, which spelled out the organization’s actions in the event of a full-scale invasion.

We believed that we had prepared for the worst, but we did not believe it until the last moment.

As it turned out, no one can be 100% ready for war.

But when the full-scale invasion began, we did not lose our cool.

During these 365 days, our team did everything to bring victory closer:

📌 we called on the international community to act and support Ukraine;

📌 counteracted fakes, volunteered, and helped count the damage caused by Russian military aggression

📌 wrote 26 analytical materials on the reconstruction of countries that have suffered destruction in order to use their experience in the restoration of our country;

📌joined the RISE Ukraine – Coalition for Reconstruction coalition and other consortia aimed at rebuilding and restoring Ukraine;

📌 together with our partners, we resumed the implementation of the electronic consignment note.

This is all thanks to our defenders who give us the opportunity to contribute to the victory.

This year has shown that we have not given up and will not give up, because we are Ukrainians💙💛

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