“Good governance: just do it” – strengthening the capacity of the organization

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Project in numbers

Project objective

Increased capacity to develop and implement social innovation projects and programs.

Relevance of the project

For developing organizations, the concept of good governance is abstract and theorized. As a result, they do not understand how the development of governance can contribute to the holistic development and strengthening of the organization. Poor governance in “young” organizations weakens their credibility and creates significant obstacles to further development and modernization.

Project results

  • organizations gained an understanding of the practical side of good governance and developed a step-by-step development plan for their organization;
  • several organizations with our support were able to implement the first steps planned in the development plans – they created organizational structures and distributed responsibilities in teams, developed a strategic plan
  • the training was piloted among young civil society organizations. Subsequently, we transferred our training service to an online format without losing quality and content.

Partners of the project