Digital instead of paper – implementation of e-consignment note in Ukraine

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Project in numbers:

Project objective

Digitalization of the road freight transportation process through the introduction of an automated electronic consignment note system. This will eliminate numerous corrupt practices, improve business conditions, generate big data, and help harmonize Ukrainian legislation with European standards

Relevance of the project

Every day, tens of thousands of tons of products are transported in Ukraine and purchased by consumers. According to Ukrainian law, all of them must be recorded in a consignment note. This scheme has many pitfalls: The waybill is often lost, and businesses have to wait until all parties sign the documents. The processes slow down and additional costs are spent on sending documents. Other problems include a lack of transparency in the processes and irrational use of paper for the consignment note.

Project results

  • Eliminating corruption in cargo transportation, which will help preserve the road surface and minimize losses for the state;
  • digitalization of services in the field of transport – the electronic consignment note system was introduced;
  • improvement of the business environment;
  • creating conditions for the introduction of the international e-CMR format and the construction of digital transport corridors.



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