Development of the independent media

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Project in numbers

  • about 4500 news articles
  • about 30 videos
  • more than 30 infographics
  • 10 partner NGOs

Project objective

Strengthening the organizational development of the independent civic online media outlet Tribuna in the areas of fighting corruption and establishing transparency and accountability practices at the regional level.

Relevance of the project

The relevance of the project lies in the need to develop a free and professional sector of independent media in Ukraine on the basis of public service broadcasting. A free and independent press is vital to any democracy, ensuring accountability and diversity of opinion.

Project results

  • Increasing the organizational capacity of the Tribuna online media outlet in the areas of objective coverage of events, fighting corruption, and developing the practice of social accountability of local authorities;
  • Increasing the level of professional capacity of journalists of the online publication (special attention is paid to the professional development of journalists who will conduct investigative journalism and journalists and editors who create media content);
  • Creation of high-quality, interesting and objective content