Debunking “myths” and stereotypes about vaccination

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Project in numbers

Project objective

Debunking “myths” and raising awareness and understanding of vaccination as the most effective tool for protection against infectious diseases to increase vaccination coverage and build herd immunity in the context of healthcare reform.

Relevance of the project

Ukrainians’ distrust of vaccination is the result of decades of misinformation from anti-vaccination movements. Myths and fakes in the news, anti-vaccination propaganda, along with vaccine shortages in recent years, have acted as catalysts that have undermined trust in immunization programs. As a result, there is a large group of people who have not received the necessary vaccinations for various reasons.

Project results

  • Increased awareness of the need for vaccination among young people by engaging popular bloggers in Poltava and disseminating project content on their pages;
  • increased the number of high-quality content on vaccination, raised public awareness, and engaged Poltava city authorities in solving problems;
  • myths and stereotypes have been disproved, Poltava residents better understand the importance of vaccination, take more responsibility for their health, and as a result, Poltava’s collective immunity to infectious diseases has increased.

Partners of the project

Health Care Department of Poltava City Council
Poltava Public Health Center