Free author`s course for students of Poltava region

Mariia Mygal

There is a theory that after the Big Bang our universe was born, and after the “Theory of Big Change” graduates begin to change the future for the better😉.

This is a free author’s interactive program for 1-3 year students of non-law specialties.

During your studies, you will learn:

💥 how policy is formed and how we can influence this process;

💥 that it is not chaos, but a system and it can be what citizens make it.

The two-month course consists of five modules:

💥 political system;

💥 сommunity participation in the processes of society;

💥 сonstitutional rights;

💥 freedom and tolerance;

💥 economic processes.

Registration for the course is open until February 27, 2023.

To participate, fill out the application form ➡️

The program is prepared and implemented with the support of the German Marshall Fund for Regional Cooperation.

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